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posted: Jul 3, 2016

The new issue of Table Talk will be distributed only by email and posting on this site. The issue will be ready before the November Open Sectional.

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Denver Area Bridge, Unit 361 of the ACBL

 Welcome to the Denver Unit web site!

Message from Margaret Devere, Unit 361 President:

Happy summer, everybody!

Final numbers from the 2016 regional are in. Thanks to everyone who came and played and won and lost and laughed and cried and all in all had a great time.

Our table count was down by 241 tables (about 10%). Best guess is that we were affected by the proximity of the Las Vegas regional and by the recent Denver NABC. However, our planning and cost control were solid, and we were able to write a check for $600 to the Rise School, this year's charity. Thanks to everyone who played in the charity pairs and who dropped a dollar or two in the cookie jar.

The financial picture of the unit continues to be less than rosy. At this time in 2015, the unit had lost about $3300, compared to $6800 this year. If you've been following the world of bridge, you know that this is happening in lots of places. We still have money in our account, but we have to reverse the trend. The board has already instituted some belt-tightening measures which will take effect over time, and we'll continue to monitor the situation and look for more ways to increase attendance and cut costs. For more information on any of this, contact any board member.

But enough of that -- it was a beautiful spring and it's shaping up to be a beautiful summer. Enjoy it, and don't forget to come and play at the July sectional.


Changes in Effect at July 2016 Sectional

In an effort to save money (or avoid losing as much), the following changes will be in effect at the July 2016 sectional:

  • No game on Thursday night, due to low attendance
  • Friday knockout will be a COMPACT KNOCKOUT
  • Friday night game (7 pm) will be Open Pairs and Mentor/Mentee Pairs
  • Saturday sessions will be at 10 AM and 3 PM, with lunch on your own. A light lunch will be available for purchase at the site.

The Friday games are still 10 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm. The unit is providing Friday lunch at no charge.


Denver Unit 361 Member Directory

In March, the new 2016 Member Directory will be published and available for distribution. All Unit members are encouraged to sign-in to and correct if necessary the address and phone number for publication in the directory. Using the Privacy Settings you can select or restrict information to be published.

  • In order for new partners to find you, it is highly desirable to allow your information to be published. Note the directory is only distributed at the Unit's Clubs and Sectional Tournaments.


Unit 361 Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Awards

To see current races and previous winners and high finishers, check out Masterpoint Races under Membership.


Colorado Trophy for 2015

Colorado Trophy is given to  the player(s) scoring the most points at ALL Colorado tournaments finishing in the top three places of the top categories Teams and Open. This year: Al Kane and En Hay


The Alice Kinningham Trophy for 2015

Alice Kinningham trophy is given to the person(s) scoring the most points in the 4 Denver Unit 361 open sectionals 299er events only. This year: Karen Lamb


Pix from the May Regional