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posted: Oct 23, 2015

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Welcome to the Denver Unit web site!

Message from Margaret Devere, Unit 361 President:

Hello everybody. As we move into 2016, I thank all of the departing board members: Bonnie Smith, Pat Henke, Joan Kushner, Phil Debus, and Marilyn Ballon. Your work in maintaining and promoting our game is appreciated. Welcome to the new board members: Tom West, Bonnie Janzen, Rick Gardner, Nancy Rassbach, and Sherry Clint -- thanks for stepping up. And ongoing appreciation to the continuing board members: Al Kane, Shirley Heinsohn, Jim Calhoun, and Jeanne Achziger.

2015 was a big year for Denver. In addition to the regular bridge schedule, the NABC came to town for 10 exciting days in November. Roy Weinstein, Don Heitler, Jerry Ranney, Ruth Pana, and Joan Kushner were just a few of the volunteers who made this event possible. Thanks to all of you!

In 2016, we will continue to offer challenging and enjoyable bridge events for players of all experience levels. Please stop by our website frequently to see what's happening, and let us hear from you.


Denver Unit 361 Member Directory

In March, the new 2016 Member Directory will be published and available for distribution. All Unit members are encouraged to sign-in to and correct if necessary the address and phone number for publication in the directory. Using the Privacy Settings you can select or restrict information to be published.

  • In order for new partners to find you, it is highly desirable to allow your information to be published. Note the directory is only distributed at the Unit's Clubs and Sectional Tournaments.


Thirteen and forty are constants in Bridge

Thirteen cards in each suit and forty high card points in each deck. Learn to count them and your defense and declarer play will improve.


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