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posted: Jul 3, 2016

The new issue of Table Talk will be distributed only by email and posting on this site. The issue will be ready before the November Open Sectional.

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Want to teach bridge through OLLI?

OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) provides a way for people who have something to teach to connect with people who want to learn.


Classes run for eight weeks, and there are three sets of classes a year. Classes are held in one of the six OLLI locations around Denver.


Support for OLLI classes from the ACBL includes materials and a small stipend.


For more information about OLLI, go to For more information about the ACBL support, go tob

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Denver Area Bridge, Unit 361 of the ACBL

 Welcome to the Denver Unit web site!

Message from Margaret Devere, Unit 361 President:

It's August 23 as I write this. The July sectional is in the past and the November sectional is months away – time for a breather. Unless, of course, you're a 299er, in which case get your game polished up for the Fall IN sectional (299er Sectionals).

Unit finances seem to be looking up. We made a modest profit at the July sectional, due to three factors: No Thursday night game, no free lunch on Saturday, and reduced director expenses due to a visiting ACBL official (a one-time event). Without the free director, we broke even. Year to date, the unit has lost $600, compared to a loss of $4300 in 2015.

Feedback from the July sectional suggests that the lunch break on Saturday was too long. We can't do anything about that for November, but starting in January 2017, the second session on Saturday will begin at 2:30. Hopefully that's a reasonable time for both the people who stay on-site for lunch and the people who go out for lunch.

Other news: 1) We're testing a new email program from the ACBL that allows us to keep you better informed of new and interesting events. You'll be hearing from us more often – hopefully this will be a useful tool for everybody. 2) Planning for the 2017 regional is underway. We're shifting the schedule around to accommodate recent trends in attendance, so be sure to pick up a flyer and read it carefully. 3) The nominating committee is selecting candidates for the board for the 2017-2018 term. More info soon, and the election will be held during the annual membership meeting at the November sectional.

And that's all for now ... see you at the table!


May D17 Regional Awards

Frank Thorwald: Congratulations to Marilyn and Wayne Eckerling for winning the most points in the 299er events.
Lou Neff: Congratulations to Peggy Ware for being the Colorado person winning the most points at the regional.


Goodwill Committee

Shirley Heinsohn has been selected as a new member of the Goodwill Committee! We know she'll to a terrific job.


Denver Unit 361 Member Directory

The 2016-2017 Directory has been published and some extra copies have been left at or sent to most of the clubs in the unit. If you want a unit member and want a digital version contact Tom West @


We are hoping to get the directory on line for unit members but aren't there yet.


Unit 361 Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Awards

To see current races and previous winners and high finishers, check out Masterpoint Races under Membership.


Colorado Trophy for 2015

Colorado Trophy is given to  the player(s) scoring the most points at ALL Colorado tournaments finishing in the top three places of the top categories Teams and Open. This year: Al Kane and En Hay


The Alice Kinningham Trophy for 2015

Alice Kinningham trophy is given to the person(s) scoring the most points in the 4 Denver Unit 361 open sectionals 299er events only. This year: Karen Lamb


Pix from the July Sectional


Pix from the May Regional