Unit 361 News
posted: Oct 23, 2015

Abbreviated version in mail. Long version on website ... read more ...

posted: Oct 23, 2015

The Fall NABC 2015 is coming to Denver! Read more ...

posted: Jul 26, 2015

New appointees for 2015. Read more ...

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Denver Area Bridge, Unit 361 of the ACBL



Welcome to the Denver Unit web site!

Message from Joan Kushner:Joan Kushner

I hope everyone is enjoying the dog days of summer.  One of my goals, as president, is to engage even more of you to get online and learn what’s going on in our Unit. I am going to start, this month, by letting everyone know, in a more timely fashion the ‘news’ of our members. Please read the article on our local hero, Don Heitler, who this year became a Platinum Life Master. Although he achieved this ranking a few months ago, I don’t want to wait until the annual Table Talk to share his story.


Mentor Program – Round II

The first mentor program is almost finished. It was a big success -- more than 60 mentor-mentee pairs played six times in six months.

Round II is starting up in January 2016 -- click here for more info.


Website Look Funny?

If you're having trouble viewing the slideshows, or the tables are all messed up, or something else seems screwy, try these things:

  • Use a different browser
  • Disable ad blocking temporarily, or just on this website

There are a zillion combinations of internet widgets. As website admin, I typically check that the website is working in Firefox, but I don't check the other browsers or all the add-ons or plug-ins. I just discovered that my ad blocker was breaking the slideshows :( and there are no doubt a lot more things out there that can cause problems. Sorry ... computers ... when they work, they're great; when they don't ...


Wanna Be a Caddy at the Nationals?

There are still openings for caddies at the 2015 Fall NABC, right here in Denver.

You can caddy for one session at a time. Each session is 4 to 4.5 hours. $11.50/hour, no experience necessary. Busy times alternating with nothing happening so you can read or study.

If you want to be a caddy, call Nancy Rassbach at 303-469-0843, or click here to send her an email.

(BTW, you have to be 18 years old or older. Rules....)


Pix from the November Sectional


Denver Unit Board – Election Results

The following people have been elected for a two-year term on the unit board, starting January 2016:

  • Jeanne Achziger
  • Jim Calhoun
  • Rick Gardner
  • Nancy Rassbach
  • Tom West

Thanks for stepping up and helping make bridge happen!


Pix from the October 299er Tournament

Here are the winners from this weekend's 299er tournament. Congratulations!

For complete results, see the results page.


Opening on the District 17 Board

There is an opening on the District 17 board. Flo Newlin, who has served as a representative from the Denver unit for the last three years, is resigning for personal reasons. Flo served as election secretary, Goodwill Committee administrator, and charity event coordinator, and did an outstanding job for us and for the district. Thanks, Flo, and best wishes.

Flo's resignation takes effect at the end of 2015, and there is one year left in her term. Anybody who is a member in good standing of the Denver unit is eligible to run. Self-nominations are acceptable. The board will elect a new representative at the December 11 meeting.

So ...

If you are interested in running, contact Bonnie Smith, unit secretary, with an official statement of your interest. Deadline for nominations is November 31, 2015.

And, if you can, attend the November board meeting (Monday, November 9, 4:30 pm) and talk with the board about your interests and why you'd like to represent the Denver unit. Be sure to let Joan Kushner know that you will attend, so she can put you on the agenda.

For more information on D17 board activities and requirements, see the bylaws on the D17 website.


Changes to Sectional Tournaments

In order to keep our tournaments solvent and interesting, the board has made two changes:

  • Entry fees are increasing from $10/event to $11/event as of January 1, 2016.
  • The Thursday evening game in January will be Mixed Pairs. Find your favorite POTOS (Partner Of The Opposite Sex) and come out and play!


Front Range Challenge – Denver Wins!

This year's Front Range Challenge was held on October 17 in Colorado Springs. Four flights -- four teams from Denver in each flight, four from the Springs – two Swiss matches.

Denver took the prize – click here to link to the results – and here's a photo of some of our players receiving the traveling trophy.





Use Power Ratings to Prep for the NABC

Chris Champion from Colorado Springs developed the Power Ratings system, and maintains it with input from hundreds of clubs and units around the country. Chris recently sent us this insider tip ....

The secret to forming a winning KO team is finding good teammates that have low Masterpoint totals. When you look at the “Most Underrated Players” list you will find these players. MPs will tell you what bracket you will play in. PR will tell you how strong your team will be. UR is a summary of these. UR is the difference between the player’s Power Rating and the Power Rating of the average player with this player’s number of Masterpoints.

The “Most Underrated Pairs” list is another good source of potential teammates. The MP column shows the Masterpoints of both partners combined.

To find these lists, go to Click on Other Units in the upper right of the Power Ratings website, then select your unit.