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posted: Dec 1, 2017

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posted: Oct 1, 2017

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Denver Area Bridge, Unit 361 of the ACBL

Welcome to the Denver Unit web site!

Message from Margaret Devere, Unit 361 President:

December 7

Quick update on the numbers for the November sectional.

The $750 cancellation penalty was charged against the November sectional. If you ignore that, we made a modest profit. Not earthshaking news but I just thought I'd pass it along.

November 21

Hi all --

A quick word after the November sectional.

Attendance was down about 30 tables, and expenses exceeded income by about $550 (preliminary numbers). However, we're looking good for the year: The unit is about $5000 in the black! (Remember, these are still preliminary numbers.)

Congratulations to re-upping board members Rick Gardner and Nancy Rassbach, to returning board member Rob Vetter, and incoming board members Dan Marthaler and Mary Ann Rose. We appreciate your willingness to serve.

The Forest Clark Memorial Individual had ten tables – a good showing for Friday night – and my impression is that people enjoyed the game quite a bit. Congratulations to winner Piotr Gawron. Profits from this game, plus donations over the weekend, totalled about $530. The unit sent a check to the Food Bank of Houston in Forest's memory. Thanks to all the Friday night players and all the donors.

The Front Range Challenge took place in Colorado Springs in late October. Denver won by a few IMPs – final numbers and masterpoint awards are being tracked down. Way to go, Denver!

This is my last or next-to-last presidential message. These last two years have been challenging, interesting, rewarding, eye-opening :) Bridge across the U.S. is facing some difficulties. Duplicate bridge doesn't happen without people a) showing up to play, and b) showing up to volunteer. Please consider what you can do to keep the game alive and well, and if you have an idea for promoting the game, the board would like to hear about it.

Happy Holidays!


Online Directory

The Denver unit now has an online directory! Click here, enter your ACBL number and email address, and Bob's your uncle. :)

Thanks to Rob Vetter, who put this together for us with Sheryl Siegel's able assistance.

A couple of things to know:

  • We get the data directly from the ACBL, and we'll update it monthly or so. If your data is wrong, correct it in the ACBL database and it will be updated in due course.
  • If you have told the ACBL not to share your data, you will not appear in this list.
  • If you don't have an email address, you will not appear in this list.
  • If you're not a member of Unit 361 but you have a valid reason to be in our directory, we can do that. Just let us know -- send an email to the Membership chair.
  • If for some reason you want the data in this list to be different from your ACBL data, we can do that (there's an overwrite function). Just let us know -- send an email to the Membership chair.
  • If you don't want to be in this list at all, we can do that too:) Send an email to the Membership chair.
  • On certain smartphones using certain browsers, you can send an email directly from the email address in the list (how cool is that?).

P.S. I can't resist adding this. Do you know the origin of the phrase "and Bob's your uncle"? The common belief is that British Prime Minister Robert Cecil was a prime practitioner of nepotism, so if Bob was your uncle, you were in like Flynn. (Do you know the origin of the phrase "in like Flynn"?)


Change in IN Games and Awards

Based on recommendations received, the 199er events at the Denver Regional have been converted to 299er events. This will take effect in the 2018 regional. Consequently, the Frank Thorwald trophy, previously given to the player scoring the most points in 199er events at the regional, will now be given to the player scoring the most points in the 299er events.

The Kinningham/Woodward trophy is given to the player scoring the most points at the 299er events at the four Denver open sectionals. The bracketed team event on Sunday could include a 299er playing on a team with players who do not qualify for this award. Therefore, points won in bracketed team events at the Denver open sectionals will not be counted toward the Kinningham/Woodward trophy.


Unit 361 Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Awards

To see current races and previous winners and high finishers, click here.