Unit 361 News
posted: Jan 25, 2018

Denver Spring Sectional March 9-11, 2018

  • NEW: Eight is Enough team game at the sectional.

Denver Spring 299er April 28-29, 2018

Denver Rocky Mountain Regional May 22-28, 2018


posted: Jan 19, 2018

posted: Oct 1, 2017

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The Denver Bridge Unit provides a top notch culture for learning and playing the game of bridge.  The Unit has several clubs that offer a variety of games at all levels.  You can play against other "beginners", or against some of the top regional Grand and Platinum Life Masters.


Are you an absolute beginner?  Consider lessons at one of the local clubs or with one of the many excellent teachers in the unit.  Then reinforce your training with one of the limited games offered by the clubs in the area.


Ready to test the waters?  "I've played in the family game on holidays, but I want to learn how to play competitively".  Once again the limited club games will introduce you to the vagaries of duplicate bridge, and for the real test, try an "open" game.


If you've played a few club games and at a tournament or two, but think there might be something else you can learn, consider signing up as a "mentee" in our Mentor/Coaching programs.

Are you ready to pass on your experience and knowledge?  Consider becoming a Mentor or Coach for a less experienced player.  Or consider becoming a Bridge Teacher.


Like the technical side of the game - the rules and regulations?  Become a director.